Sequel to When Kat's Away
Eva grew up knowing her mother came from the future.  When Timothy Canders holds the family at gunpoint in an attempt to make them summon the time-portal, she's accidentally pulled in with him.  But when she arrives in 2014, Timothy is nowhere to be found.

Tony and Zach investigated when two women disappeared from Hamilton two years ago.  Imagine their surprise when a young woman, dressed like the old west, comes walking out of the old, broken down saloon.

Eva falls in love with her two rescuers but doesn't realize a policewoman on the force will do anything to keep Tony for herslef.  When the young policewoman finds evidence tying Eva to the disappearance of the missing women she has to find a way to get back to her own time, or face a lifetime in prison.  Will the portal allow the men to travel back with her, or leave them behind?

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