Catch Her When She Falls
(Sequel to Table for Three)

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Serena Dammler is recovering from a savage beating and needs protection. Cowboys and lovers, Marc Weller and Tony Estabon are taking jobs as bounty-hunters and their newest assignment is to capture her attacker and return him to Texas. They take one look at Serena’s fragile beauty and decide she’d be the perfect third to their family.

Serena’s always dreamed of catching herself a rich man and she’d do just about anything to make those dreams come true. She’s not going to allow herself to fall in love with her two cowboy protectors no matter how sexy they are.

Marc and Tony want Serena as their third but they want her love to be real, and not based on their bank accounts. So what will it hurt if they take her to a little cabin on their ranch and pretend to be simple cowboys?

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